The Making of a Weekend in Minnie

Weddings are the perfect time to catchup with old friends and explore different cities. We had the pleasure of attending our friends’ wedding in Minneapolis this month and loved exploring so many lush green spaces – parks, sculpture gardens, golf courses and more.

only the wind knows where it will carry our dandelion souls — a.r. asher // Minneapolis,  June 2017
All you need is love! // Newly reopened Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, June 2017

The Walker Art Center and Minneapolis Parks & Rec host the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, an 11 acre park with wide open green spaces and 60 works of art. A staple has always been the Spoonbrige and Cherry, and now also includes the blue rooster, “Hahn/Cock,” by Katharina ­Fritsch.

Life is pretty sweet // Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, June 2017

In between the park walks, we loved having brunch at The Copper Hen (don’t leave without having a bloody mary!) and dinner at Cafe Lucrat, which has a great view of Loring Park.

Rounding out the trip, our friend’s wedding ceremony took place at the Woodhill Country Club and we loved spending the day there with croquet, drinks overlooking the golf course and a lovely & lively reception. 🙂

Nothing but green for miles and blue skies // Woodhill Country Club, June 2017
Ready to celebrate! // Minnesota, June 2017
Fancy a round of croquet? // Woodhill Country Club, June 2017

Feeling so grateful to have had the chance to celebrate with our friends and explore Minneapolis a bit more. I hope your month has been filled with love and exploration too!

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On the outskirts of town: Two Vegas Adventures

Visiting a city you’ve been to 20+ times? Try exploring the outskirts of town. I did just this on a recent road trip to Vegas and had the absolute best time!


Desert … desert … desert … HOLY SMOKES COLOR EXPLOSION! That’s how it feels when you’re approaching Seven Magic Mountains, a large-scale colorful boulder artwork by Ugo Rondinone. Located about 10 miles from Las Vegas off Interstate 15, visiting this artwork is an easy and fun addition to any road trip that instantly makes you smile with the rainbow of neon colors.

Promise to always live boldly! // Seven Magic Mountains // Last Vegas, Nevada, June 2017
A rainbow of neon joy in the desert // Seven Magic Mountains, Las Vegas, Nevada, June 2017

Plan your trip:

Find more large scale artworks sponsored by the Art Production Fund:


Twenty miles from the highway and the climate slowly changes from Joshua trees and Mojave yucca plants to pine trees and snow capped mountains. That’s pretty incredible for June in Las Vegas! We parked at the Mount Charleston Lodge and had a delightful lunch outside on the patio. This was our home base for the day, as afterwards we went to a nearby trailhead and hiked Little Falls (and then came back again for patio drinks!).

Perfect spot for our post hike patio drinks // Mount Charleston, Nevada, June 2017

Little Falls trail splits off of Cathedral Rock, and has a slow incline up to a creek bed and ends in a three tier waterfall. Total mileage is just under 2 miles and is pretty perfect way to spend an hour without wearing any kind of significant hiking gear. The U.S. Forest Service has a large visitor center on the way to the Lodge and can direct you to this hike and many many others on Mount Charleston.

Snow in June… Nevada? You’ve gotta be kidding me! // Mount Charleston, Nevada June 2017

Don’t listen to TLC, always chase those waterfalls // Mount Charleston, Nevada June 2017

Plan your trip:

Pick your hikes:


What are your favorite adventures outside of Las Vegas? Tell me in the comments section below.


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LA LA Land: Mini trip up the Coast

LA: a sprawling city with endless hip foodie spots, chic shops, beaches, hollywood moments and art museums. Since I live just a few hours from LA, I always make time to see something new in between visiting all my favorite spots. This trip was just a couple of days but it was filled to the brim with quintessential LA goodness.

Windy day in LA LA Land // March 2017
Love is light // Urban Light by Chris Burden at LACMA, March 2017

One of my favorite parts was exploring LACMA for the first time with my family. We loved wandering through the large art instillations, seeing La Gerbe (a big colorful Matisse), and taking our time to soak in the Picasso & Riviera exhibit. This was a special treat after just coming back from Mexico City and having visited places that were referenced and influential for the artist.

I got this // Levitated Mass at LACMA, March 2017

I always recommend a break between seeing the sights, that way you don’t get visitor burnout. Joan’s on Third was the perfect place where everyone could get the salad, wrap or cheese plate of their dreams plus a little something sweet on the side. Beware: churro kettle corn is addictive. You’ve been warned.

Beware: churro kettle corn is highly addictive // Joan’s on Third, March 2017

Each beach town in LA has such a different feel, and this trip we explored Venice Beach and Malibu. The Venice Beach boardwalk is 2.5 miles of non-stop people watching with food stalls, performers, the original Muscle Beach, roller bladers and tons of seagulls.

More toppings than acai? Just the way I like it!  // Venice Beach Boardwalk, March 2017
Always beach ready // Malibu, March 2017

In Malibu, we walked Point Dume State Beach at golden hour and even stumbled onto a movie set — look for us in the background of plane crash scenes. 😉

Spring showers bring beach flowers // Malibu, March 2017

When happy hour hit, we headed to a nearby spot to toast to a great trip. See you again soon, LA!

Golden Hour at Pointe Dume State Beach // March 2017

Have a favorite LA spot? Comment below and I’ll add it into one of my trips this year!

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