Double Peak Trail in San Marcos

Hiking for me has become addictive! I love being outside, pushing my legs and lungs to my max and of course catching epic viewpoints. That last part isn’t surprising to anyone who knows me and my love for rooftop bars and city views.

Hiking is also a great way to add in everyday adventures into your life, since each trail is a new challenge and pushes you out of your bubble and everyday routines. This year I’ve been working hard to complete the 2016 52 Hike Challenge where I will complete 52 hikes in 52 weeks. I’m well on my way and just recently added this hike to my list.

Double Peak Trail is a 4.1 mile loop located in San Marcos, California.

Sitting pretty at the top of Double Peak Trail in San Marcos, California
Discovery Lake at the Trailhead

The trailhead starts at Discovery Lake and winds up through a neighborhood until you start gaining elevation. Parts can be loose and gravely and not well marked, but all that is worth it for the 360 views from the top where you can see mountains in the distance (pick your next hike out from the skyline!), the Pacific Ocean and great North and East County San Diego views.

I was so happy about finding this new spot to add to my local repertoire and I rewarded myself afterwards with some delicious green tea boba!

Check out my quick and dirty review of the hike below:


Best Time of Year To Go: Accessible all year round

Hiking Distance: 4.1 mile loop

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

Insider tips:

  • Bring lots of water because there is minimal shade until the top at Double Peak Park.
  • There’s a bathroom at the top, which is very convenient!
  • If you want to meet a friend they can drive to the top and for a picnic lunch on the benches.

Rating: Great hike (4/5 stars)

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Let’s connect…What was your experience like at Double Peak Trail? Any other favorite viewpoints in Southern California that I should add to my wish list?

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